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Re: What is the max file system size on a 64 bit machine

From: <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:27:41 +0100
Hi Herb,

I guess by "file system size" you mean "realm data size".



"files/server: Unknown, in the order of 10^6,
limited by RVM size and average metadata/file (including directories)"

This is the limitation, the number of files per server, not their size.

Note that rvm is still 32-bit, so it does not matter if the processor is
capable of 64-bit addressing.

Note also that by creative use of multiple servers
the number of files in a _realm_ can be about 200 times (i.e. around the max
number of servers) bigger than the above.
I am not aware though of any realm doing such tricks in production.

> My reading of the archive mail indicates that 32 bit memory limits
> max file system size to about 25G.
> Ref:

The question has been discussed numerous times, you may find
newer and more informative threads in the archive talking of this.

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