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Re: What is the max file system size on a 64 bit machine

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 10:27:08 -0800
On Sunday 16 December 2007 9:27:41 am wrote:
> Note also that by creative use of multiple servers
> the number of files in a _realm_ can be about 200 times (i.e. around the max
> number of servers) bigger than the above.
> I am not aware though of any realm doing such tricks in production.

Actually, the WWU realm has two server machines each of which is running
two server processes.   Each server process has 71G of file space in which
it is storing the files.    That provides a total of 280G of file space to use to
support the replication needed.   And given this arrangement, I don't normally
replicate to both server processes on the same machine.   My replication
scheme includes a server from each machine so if  a disk fails I don't lose all
replicas.     This could easily be extended to more machines and more servers
per machine.   Note, each server process requires a unique IP address so the
machines will have IP aliases on their network hardware.

I'm also assuming that with a 64bit machine with a lot of real memory, one could
run more than the 2 server processes per machine without major problems.

By the way, the server setup scripts support multiple server processes in the


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