Coda File System

Implementation Between 2 Servers

From: Ryan Toomer <>
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 11:21:11 -0600
Hi, happy holidays all.


I've been researching the use of coda, and am reasonably sure this will be
put into production use between 2 servers that will service mainly 3 - 5
page pdf's as well as php / html / small web graphics.

As it stands the 2 systems are an AMD Althon 64 FX-57 as well as an AMD
Opteron (single proc) both have 3gb of ram, a raid 5 of 275GB of 3x147GB 10k
U320 as well as a mirror of 2 70GB 10k U320's for my db's I am using LSI
Logic MegaRaid controllers in both machines.


Right now I would like to have coda running between the 2 machines on the
raid 5 array.


My questions are as follows

1.	Is it true coda has problems on 64bit platforms?
2.	Is it true that I will have to cut this up into 20 GB partitions to
reliably use coda? (would like to use 200gb signle partition)


Ryan Toomer

Canada Eh!
Received on 2005-12-30 12:27:25