Coda File System

Coda-6.0.12, LWP-2.1, and RPC2-1.28

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:28:08 -0400
Coda-6.0.12, LWP-2.1 and RPC2-1.28 have been released.

Binary packages have been built on Fedora Core 2, Debian and Windows XP.

* It will be necessary to reinitialize the client because of changes to RVM.
* The Coda-6.0.12 clients and servers will not be able to successfully bind
  with clients and servers older than release 6.0.7.
* The Windows XP build is our first 'beta' release. It is a lot more stable
  than the previous releases, but we're not there yet. Stability seems to be
  dependent on the installed version of cygwin and the phase of the moon,
  1.5.11 seems more stable than 1.5.18.
  For more information see,

Here is an overview of the changes,

- When initializing a new thread with sigaltstack, jump out of the signal
  handler instead of returning so that the signal context is not destroyed.
  This was causing crashes on NetBSD and can be a possible cause for
  unpredictable behaviour on other systems. (Phil Nelson)
- Avoid a crash in the reaper thread by not re-using the context. (Greg Troxel)

- Do not truncate random numbers to 15-bits. Over time, this was a cause for
  long delays when the server is allocating new incoming connections.
- Check the length of the ClientIdentifier passed during the initial handshake.
  (Ivan Popov)
- Fix gcc4 warnings and force the RPC2_Integer/RPC2_Unsigned types to
  32-bit integers.

- Allow access to cached realms when starting disconnected.
- Allow getacl to work while write-disconnected (for unmodified directories).
- Drop last remains of the writeback code, this breaks network compatibility
  with clients and servers older than Coda-6.0.7.
- Do not cache inode number information of container files in RVM. This allows
  backup/restore of venus.cache and associated RVM data when venus is not
- Make sure reintegration will always try to make some progress even when the
  estimated bandwidth is so low that no entries are considered eligible.
- Fixed RPC2 connection entry leaks.
- Avoid closing a random filedescriptor when open fails.
- Avoid a crash in open when locally generated objects are reclaimed as a
  result of cache pressure.
- Avoid crash when updating cached status for an object and not all the data
  is available yet.
- Added vcodacon, fltk-based codacon implementation. (Phil Nelson) 
  (The FC2 rpm packages do not contain vcodacon as I didn't have libfltk
  installed on the build host)
- Added CML size in bytes to 'cfs lv' output.
- Make sure the servers do not report a conflict for objects when the parent
  of those objects is marked as a conflict.
- gcc-4.0 and 64-bit related cleanups. (many from Brett Lymn)
  (Not yet enough to make Coda actually work correctly on a 64-bit CPU)

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