Coda File System

Re: Improving Coda documentation

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:28:25 -0600
	I'm really glad the coda team will be updating the documentation.  As a
new user, I printed out the user manual, the howto, and a linux journal
article and studied them closely before attempting an install.
Unfortunately, most of the notes I took on reading that documentation
have proved to be outdated and not useful.  There are sections that give
steps that are no longer applicable.  So I would first recommend
identifying the parts of the manual that are outdated and fixing them.

	Second, there are a lot of implementation decisions to make and a lot
of conflicting advice.  A guide to making administrative decisions would
be very helpful.  I'm attaching my latest draft of "Optimizing Coda 6"
which puts down in writing some of the important configuration trade
offs and limitations of coda that a new coda admin needs to know before
making any setup decisions.

	I think the coda team should concentrate on precise and accurate
documentation (option a) and leave the howto's and newbie tutorials to
the community.  And I promise the community would contribute a lot more
of this if there were an easier way to contribute, such as a wiki.

	Just my two cents.  

Patrick Walsh
eSoft Incorporated
303.444.1600 x3350

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