Coda File System

Re: codasrv crashes, won't come back up, production server down :(

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:53:09 +0200
Hello Steve,

> i can skip the volume by putting it in /vice/vol/skipsalvage, but the
> volume is essential, and i can't operate without it. so once codasrv

do you have any previous backup of it?

I am running a replicated setup for quite a long time, so I always had
an online copy if a volume would fail - so I could easily recreate it.
I had to do it once or twice.

Without replication it takes more effort, but given any kind of backup
it is straightforward.

> i have come to the conclusion that backing up coda is impossible.

I am doing backups on file level, via Legato Networker client,
and it _seems_ to work :) That is, I could read files when I was testing,
but yet never had to rely on it.

Best regards and good luck...
Hope Jan Harkes will be able to comment on your crash.
Received on 2004-08-13 10:55:13