Coda File System

codasrv crashes, won't come back up, production server down :(

From: Steve Simitzis <>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 06:02:27 -0700
while trying to run backups, codasrv crashed, yet again. now i'm
unable to bring it back, and i fear that data loss may be the result
of trying to run backups.

when i try to restart coda, it fails:

Assertion failed: size == s, file "/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/coda-6.0.6/coda-src/resolution/", line 386

while trying to do this:

05:54:10 Entering DCC(0x1000002)
05:54:15 DCC: Salvaging Logs for volume 0x1000002

i can skip the volume by putting it in /vice/vol/skipsalvage, but the
volume is essential, and i can't operate without it. so once codasrv
is back, i'm at a loss of what to do next. i tried to repair it with
norton, but there are no docs anywhere about how to use it to repair a

what should i do? i have no idea what this assertion means, and it
seems to be a show stopper.

i have come to the conclusion that backing up coda is impossible.


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