Coda File System

Re: Creating & populating volumes, etc

From: Steffen Neumann <sneumann_at_TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Date: 04 Sep 2003 11:11:21 +0200
Ian Smith <> writes:
> createvol_rep test E0000100 /vicepa
> createvol_rep ROOTVOLUME E0000100 /vicepa

> root_at_kryten:~# cfs mkmount /home/ian test
> /home: Invalid argument

Coda clients handle /coda and only /coda.
(Well you can rename it, but I wouldn't recommend that)

I am not too sure about 6.0.x, but it could be:

	cfs mkmount /coda/ ROOTVOLUME
and	cfs mkmount /coda/ test

Once that works, go back to the archive and 6.0 announcement,
and think about a decent naming scheme for your volumes.
IIRC you could name your root '/' and volumes /home/ian
so that they're automagically mounted if you access


Since I've never used this scheme, I got 
to refer you to the list archives.

> BTW I'm trying to get eg. my home directory into the coda server, if 
> that isn't obvious!
Not a good idea. Some programs need e.g. locking (e.g. evolution ?),
and behave differently when on ext2 or coda. You don't want your
mozilla cache on coda either. Do a normal /home/ian 
and populate with symlinks where needed. Create a tar 
of the symlinks, put in /coda/home/ian, and extract on "new" clients.

At some stage I might ask about living and working in the U.K.,
I am on the job hunt at the moment ;-( Bioinformatics
seems to be low regarding the vacancies at the moment.

So long,
Received on 2003-09-04 05:13:09