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Re: Creating & populating volumes, etc

From: Ian Smith <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 10:41:32 +0100
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Steffen Neumann wrote:

> Coda clients handle /coda and only /coda.
> (Well you can rename it, but I wouldn't recommend that)

Oh, I understood it was a server command!

> I am not too sure about 6.0.x, but it could be:
> 	cfs mkmount /coda/ ROOTVOLUME
> and	cfs mkmount /coda/ test

Well, neither of these worked, eg:

root_at_kryten:~# cfs mkmount /coda/kryten/mytest test
/coda/kryten: No such file or directory

Perhaps there is something wrong with my server setup (I don't know what 
it should "look like", as I said before.

Here is the log of volume creation:

09:23:34 Creating new log for root vnode

09:23:34 VAttachVolumeById: vol 1000002 (test.0) attached and online
09:23:34 create: volume 1000002 (test.0) created
09:23:34 S_VolSetLogParms: res flag on volume 0x1000002 set to 0 
(resolution disabled)
09:23:34 S_VolSetLogParms: volume 1000002 log parms set
VLDB created.  Search lengths: RO 0, RW 0, BK 0.
09:23:34 VRDB created, 2 entries
09:23:52 New Data Base received
09:27:00 Creating new log for root vnode

09:27:00 VAttachVolumeById: vol 1000003 (ROOTVOLUME.0) attached and online
09:27:00 create: volume 1000003 (ROOTVOLUME.0) created
09:27:00 S_VolSetLogParms: res flag on volume 0x1000003 set to 0 
(resolution disabled)
09:27:00 S_VolSetLogParms: volume 1000003 log parms set
VLDB created.  Search lengths: RO 0, RW 1, BK 0.
09:27:01 VRDB created, 3 entries
09:27:22 New Data Base received

As I said, I'd just like to get some data, any data, into the system so 
I can try out the client - problem is I don't know how.  Do you see what 
I mean?  BTW I've got all docs printed out, and I've also been scouring 
the list archive.

> Once that works, go back to the archive and 6.0 announcement,
> and think about a decent naming scheme for your volumes.
> IIRC you could name your root '/' and volumes /home/ian
> so that they're automagically mounted if you access
> 	/coda/
> Since I've never used this scheme, I got 
> to refer you to the list archives.
>>BTW I'm trying to get eg. my home directory into the coda server, if 
>>that isn't obvious!
> Not a good idea. Some programs need e.g. locking (e.g. evolution ?),
> and behave differently when on ext2 or coda. You don't want your
> mozilla cache on coda either. Do a normal /home/ian 
> and populate with symlinks where needed. Create a tar 
> of the symlinks, put in /coda/home/ian, and extract on "new" clients.

No problem, I'm not going to use it for real, just as a test (despite 
the name, it is a spare dir).

> At some stage I might ask about living and working in the U.K.,
> I am on the job hunt at the moment ;-( Bioinformatics
> seems to be low regarding the vacancies at the moment.

I won't make any open promises, but I'll help if I can ;)

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