Coda File System

Re: Status of Coda under Linux.

From: Brett Lymn <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 23:50:11 +0930
On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 10:01:11AM -0400, Erik Enge wrote:
>   - If a client disconnects from the server because it cannot reach the
>   server, will it reconnect by itself when it can reach it?

Yes.  Not immediately but after a little while the client will
realise the server is reachable and reconnect.
>   - Is there a way to say: "Ok, if you cannot reach the server,
>   propagate the error to the user instead of going to
>   disconnected-mode."

ummmm I am not sure but I don't think so, that is not what Coda is

>   - How stable is the code?  We are using 5.3.19 right now and it seems
>   to be working fine but I can't really tell until we've put it through
>   some heavy testing.  Would you recommend using Coda in a production
>   environment?  Is there somebody out there using Coda in a production
>   environment?

It seems stable to me but I really do not push it - I just have myself
using it to sync my source between a laptop and a server (for data
redundancy more than anything).
>   - Is there a resource somewhere that lists the current pros/cons of
>   Coda?  Perhaps in the context of NFS/AMD or other distributed
>   solutions.

*ahem* I did do a series of 3 articles for the Sys Admin magazine that
went into Coda/automounter+amd/nfs in the context of failover servers.

Brett Lymn
Received on 2002-07-09 10:21:37