Coda File System

Status of Coda under Linux.

From: Erik Enge <>
Date: 09 Jul 2002 10:01:11 -0400

We are contemplating replacing our current installation of AMD
(automounter) over NFS with Coda; under Linux 2.4.  A couple of
questions, which I couldn't get answers to from the documentation (or
due to my lack of reading skills ;-), has arisen:

  - If a client disconnects from the server because it cannot reach the
  server, will it reconnect by itself when it can reach it?

  - Is there a way to say: "Ok, if you cannot reach the server,
  propagate the error to the user instead of going to

  - How stable is the code?  We are using 5.3.19 right now and it seems
  to be working fine but I can't really tell until we've put it through
  some heavy testing.  Would you recommend using Coda in a production
  environment?  Is there somebody out there using Coda in a production

  - Is there a resource somewhere that lists the current pros/cons of
  Coda?  Perhaps in the context of NFS/AMD or other distributed

Thanks for any help!  :-)

PS. Clicking on the FAQ-link on
tells me that the server is refusing my connection.

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