Coda File System

Conflict resolution

From: Matthew Excell <>
Date: 08 Jul 2002 10:36:12 -0600
I have two servers - SCM and replicant - that seemed to be working fine
- replicating, etc.

I have seven clients (two on the servers.)

I began installing an application in "write disconnected" mode on one of
the clients - realized that I had made a typo and placed things in the
wrong directory.  I stopped the install and went to lunch.  When I came
back, the directory was (as expected) available to all the clients.  I
removed the directory - still in write disconnected mode.  Now every
time I list that directory, I get:

ResolveMax exceeded...returning EWOULDBLOCK
ls: /coda/www/IDE: Resource temporarily unavailable

where /coda/www/IDE is the directory I removed.

The rest of the contents of the directory are listed, but it has to wait
for a timeout of some sort to get the listing.

It seems as though there has been some sort of conflict, but the
conflict doesn't seem to be detected.

I waited over an hour - hoping that where was just a lazy commit
somewhere. . . No dice.

Kernel: 2.4.18
Coda: 5.3.19

Thanks in advance for any help.

Matthew Excell
Senior Consultant - The Possibility Forge, Inc.
435-467-3935 (mobile)
435-635-1137 (fax)
Received on 2002-07-08 12:42:15