Coda File System

Re: Goodbye coda

From: David J. M. Karlsen <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 15:54:47 -0800
Jeremy Malcolm wrote:

>Well, it's been an interesting (almost) year trying to get coda to work in what
>is meant to be a simple configuration (two servers with replicated volumes, and
>one or more laptop users with disconnected operation).  Enough is enough though,
>and I've decided that for at least my purposes the following technologies are
>far more stable, simple and reliable yet supply at least the functionality that
>coda does:
Sorry to say that I've come to this too. But I'm goning for one last 
shot. (BTW: Have you tried OpenAFS - it's quite similar to CODA).
But I *really* want that nice replication stuff for offline use of a 
laptop. But something tells me this is wrong if coda has lived for over 
10 years - and is not used more than it is and lacks all that 
documentation (clear docu that is). Otherwise it seems a little limited 
(volumesizes and such which we have discussed).

>* RAID-1 over Linux network block device for server replication
What version will you go for? The standard one seems flaky and old. Seen 
a "enhanced NBD" version which looks more promising.

I think Intermezzo will be th successor, yes. But it's still too immature.
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