Coda File System

Re: Goodbye coda

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:10:15 +0800
"David J. M. Karlsen" wrote:

> But I *really* want that nice replication stuff for offline use of a 
> laptop.

Me too.  I neglected to mention half of the equation for laptop disconnected
operation in my last email: in order to get the files across to the laptop in
the first place we use plain old rsync, and xfiles as a nice Win2K-style
interface to keep them synchronised.

> >* RAID-1 over Linux network block device for server replication
> >
> What version will you go for? The standard one seems flaky and old. Seen
> a "enhanced NBD" version which looks more promising.

Which we are using with no problems.  Very nice, very fast.

> I think Intermezzo will be th successor, yes. But it's still too immature.

I agree with that.  Alan Cox has given it a nice plug already, though (see the
Intermezzo Web site).

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