Coda File System

Goodbye coda

From: Jeremy Malcolm <>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:31:11 +0800
Well, it's been an interesting (almost) year trying to get coda to work in what
is meant to be a simple configuration (two servers with replicated volumes, and
one or more laptop users with disconnected operation).  Enough is enough though,
and I've decided that for at least my purposes the following technologies are
far more stable, simple and reliable yet supply at least the functionality that
coda does:

* RAID-1 over Linux network block device for server replication

* xfiles ( for disconnected
  laptop operation and synchronisation

* Samba/CIFS as a universal network filesystem

I will keep a casual eye on coda and on Intermezzo, but to be frank, I and the
others who have tried to get coda working here, whilst not gurus by any means,
are far from being clueless newbies.  We have found coda to be infuriatingly
difficult to configure and impossible to effectively debug.  I wish all the best
for coda but since it has taken so long for coda to get this far, I do not
seriously see it becoming ready for widespread production use soon.

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