Coda File System

Re: My experiences with Coda and why I went back to NFS

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 15:03:18 -0500
On Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 02:50:12PM -0500, Brad Clements wrote:
> I find this thread interesting.
> Having just setup 3 Coda servers (one in Netherlands now)
> We had a few problems getting the netherlands server to work:
> 1. Seems that updatefetch wants to talk to scm on udp port 1045, but 
> that port isn't listed in /etc/services, so wasn't open in firewall.. We kept 
> getting RPC2_NOBINDING errors, had to look in the source to figure it 
> out.
> Is port 1045 UDP supposed to be used? or is it just that rpc2portmap 
> picked it .. and that there's no real way to know in advance what ports 
> will be used?

A random port is picked and given to rpc2portmap. You might be better
off using a cronjob using ssh+rsync to keep /vice/db in the Netherlands
in sync with the SCM.

> 2. There's some confusion over hostnames in VSGDB and 'hostname' 
> file.
> I wanted to use fully qualified domain names in VSGDB, but then that 
> didn't match with 'hostname' If I changed host name to be FQDN, then I 
> had other problems.

I could have expected problems like that, as our servers are all in the
same domain, so we tend to use the hostname only.

> 3. we just noticed that writing a file to a coda volume that is larger than 
> the quota (and also larger than the venus cache) returns 
> /coda/usr/ton2/pics/hoest.mpg: No such file or directory

Interesting, in any case when the file is larger than the venus cache,
you won't be able to get it back once it has been stored on the server.
Maybe that is the problem, the file is created, data is stored into it,
it is flushed to the server, and then a chown or chmod fails because the
client refuses to fetch the thing back as it is too big.

> Also, seems that codacon doesn't report anything unusual (reports the 
> remote user)
> It just says Store(..) [0]  

That is a store of an empty file... Is the remote user using ReiserFS as
the partition underlying /usr/coda/venus.cache? Reiserfs logs changes
when the file is closed, but the Coda kernel module does operations on
the inode, and not on the file. So ReiserFS never accepts any data
written through /coda.

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