Coda File System

Re: My experiences with Coda and why I went back to NFS

From: Brad Clements <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 14:50:12 -0500
I find this thread interesting.

Having just setup 3 Coda servers (one in Netherlands now)

We had a few problems getting the netherlands server to work:

1. Seems that updatefetch wants to talk to scm on udp port 1045, but 
that port isn't listed in /etc/services, so wasn't open in firewall.. We kept 
getting RPC2_NOBINDING errors, had to look in the source to figure it 

Is port 1045 UDP supposed to be used? or is it just that rpc2portmap 
picked it .. and that there's no real way to know in advance what ports 
will be used?

2. There's some confusion over hostnames in VSGDB and 'hostname' 

I wanted to use fully qualified domain names in VSGDB, but then that 
didn't match with 'hostname' If I changed host name to be FQDN, then I 
had other problems.

So had to use just the hostname everywhere and patch things up with 

Perhaps I didn't get this correct, but in the process managed to get two 
zombied servers with failed asserts.

3. we just noticed that writing a file to a coda volume that is larger than 
the quota (and also larger than the venus cache) returns 

/coda/usr/ton2/pics/hoest.mpg: No such file or directory

Which seems misleading. Shouldn't this be "disk full" or something?

Also, seems that codacon doesn't report anything unusual (reports the 
remote user)

It just says Store(..) [0]  

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