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Re: Venus (?) problem ...

From: Douglas C. MacKenzie <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 18:26:19 +0000
Check the clocks on your machines.
I had similar problems when the skew got more than a couple minutes.
I started using nntp and fixed it.


Petr Tuma wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use Coda in a simple setup with one volume replicated on
> three servers, but I keep running into problems. After configuring the
> system, everything works fine for half a day or so, but then it becomes
> impossible to acquire tokens on one of the clients. Clog authenticates
> the login but then says "Local login only, could not contact Venus",
> ctokens says "GetLocalTokens error 13". After a few more hours, all
> other clients in the system start doing the same.
> At first, I thought the problem has to do with Venus, but given that it
> spreads through the system and complete reinstall of the client does not
> help (it keeps doing the same thing), it might not be the case ?
> Looking at the logs, I could not find anything wrong. Venus console
> gives no error messages, Venus log contains tons of lines that say
> "BeginRvmFlush", "EndRvmFlush", "DataWalk Restarting Iterator" (to list
> the prominent three), Venus obviously runs (spends most time waiting in
> select). Same goes for server logs, full of "Writeback message",
> "RevokeWBPermit" etc. but nothing that looks like an error message.
> Any ideas where I should look ?
> Petr Tuma

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