Coda File System

Re: Venus (?) problem ...

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 10:43:59 -0500
On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 04:11:24PM +0100, Petr Tuma wrote:
> Hello Greg !
> > Does venus still function - can you 'cd /coda && ls' ?
> Somewhat :) the /coda directory is mounted, the kernel module is loaded,
> the venus executable is in memory and not a zombie (obviously does
> something because the log grows too). Trying to do cd /coda gives
> "Permission denied" though, even to root.

Could you turn up debugging and send me the log.

    % vutil -swap	# rotates venus.log
    % vutil -d 100	# turn up debugging
    % ls /coda		# trigger the permission denied
    % vutil -d 0	# turn debugging back down

> Any attempt to use cfs ends with "Permission denied" on /coda, strace
> reports error "Permission denied" on opening /coda/.CONTROL. Codacon
> reports stuff about server bandwidth and validating volumes when Venus
> starts, nothing that would look suspicious, but stops reporting a short
> while (roughly 10 seconds on a fast machine) after Venus starts, with the
> last message being about server bandwidths.

What is the ACL on the /coda directory. You can only get it from a
`reinitialized' client. Restart one of the clients after creating
/usr/coda/venus.cache/INIT, this will trigger the client to clear out
anything from the recoverable memory.

The ACL should give at least read and lookup rights to System:AnyUser on
the /coda root directory, otherwise the ioctl interface that clog and
cfs are using is inaccessible.

Received on 2000-12-10 10:44:07