Coda File System

Venus (?) problem ...

From: Petr Tuma <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 11:02:55 +0100

I am trying to use Coda in a simple setup with one volume replicated on 
three servers, but I keep running into problems. After configuring the 
system, everything works fine for half a day or so, but then it becomes 
impossible to acquire tokens on one of the clients. Clog authenticates 
the login but then says "Local login only, could not contact Venus", 
ctokens says "GetLocalTokens error 13". After a few more hours, all 
other clients in the system start doing the same.

At first, I thought the problem has to do with Venus, but given that it 
spreads through the system and complete reinstall of the client does not 
help (it keeps doing the same thing), it might not be the case ?

Looking at the logs, I could not find anything wrong. Venus console 
gives no error messages, Venus log contains tons of lines that say 
"BeginRvmFlush", "EndRvmFlush", "DataWalk Restarting Iterator" (to list 
the prominent three), Venus obviously runs (spends most time waiting in 
select). Same goes for server logs, full of "Writeback message", 
"RevokeWBPermit" etc. but nothing that looks like an error message.

Any ideas where I should look ?

Petr Tuma
Received on 2000-12-10 05:03:05