Coda File System


From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:40:38 -0500
On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 05:19:44PM -0800, Tom Tarka wrote:
> I thought I posted this already but I don't see it in the archives nor my
> mailbox so here goes again.

I didn't see it either.

> Somewhere in between the release of lwp-1.1 and lwp-1.3, building
> RPMS for YellowDog Linux (PPC linux) -- via ./configure;rpm -ba pkgs/lwp.spec
> --
> broke and the shared library is no longer generated
> (which causes rpm to die because that file is missing).  Any idea what

from the NEWS file:

* Disabled building shared libraries by default, enabling it only for
  platforms that seem to work correctly (currently only i386).

Shared libraries failed to work correctly on arm/sparc/alpha because of
non-pic code (in the assembly). If it works correctly on ppc it can
probably be turned back on in the acinclude.m4 file:

   i*86-* )
    dnl Shared libs seem to work for i386-based platforms
+  ppc-* )
+   dnl And for the PPC platform.
+   ;;
   * )

(not really a patch compatible diff, just something I copied and pasted)

Bob Baron gave me an idea the other day that might get things working
correctly on all CPU's again, essentially passing the (address of) the
PRE_Block variable as an argument instead of declaring it as a global in
the assembly code.

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