Coda File System

RE: Server Replication (was: DNS needed for Coda?)

From: <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 11:01:36 +0100
Jan wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 12:04:33PM +0100, FSG STUDENT4 Ex 
> Directory wrote:
> > _ALL_ three volumes are only stored on my non-SCM
> > machine sf2. Exploring the location of a file on any of
> > these volumes with "cfs whereis" shows the files always 
> > being stored on sf2. The replicated volume is even replicated
> > on sf2, so I have it twice on sf2. 
> Huh? it sounds like your DNS lookup for `sf3' gave the 
> ip-address of server sf2.

I don't have a DNS server in my subnet, and the hosts file
works fine. (Ping, telnet ... all go to the correct servers.)
I even tried using IP addres, but got the same result.
I also switched the SCM and the second server with the result
that again all data is stored on the second server.

Now I tested it with even another server (sf21).
Again the same: Both replicas are on the second server, but
none on the SCM. :-(

The createvol_rep shows the following:
(Now sf2 being the SCM and sf21 being the replica.)
[root_at_sf2 db]# createvol_rep coda:test E0000100 /vicepa
Servers are (sf2 sf21 )
HexGroupId is 7F000000
creating volume coda:test.0 on sf2
V_BindToServer: binding to host
Volume 15000001 (coda:test.0) created 
creating volume coda:test.1 on sf21
V_BindToServer: binding to host
Volume 15000001 (coda:test.1) created 
Fetching /vice/vol/Volumelist from sf21 sf2
V_BindToServer: binding to host sf2
VLDB completed.
<echo coda:test 7F000000       2 15000001 15000001 0 0 0 0 0 0 E0000100 >>
V_BindToServer: binding to host sf2
VRDB completed.
Do you wish this volume to be Backed Up (y/n)? [n] n
[root_at_sf2 db]# 

Here are some of the other files:
[root_at_sf2 db]# more VSGDB
E0000100 sf2 sf21

[root_at_sf2 db]# more servers
sf2             2
sf21            21

[root_at_sf2 vol]# more AllVolumes 
# [Last line of unsorted volume list]
coda:test.0 15000001 /vicepa 2 0 0 W 954320188
954320188 0
coda:test.1 15000001 /vicepa 2 0 0 W 954324236
954324236 0
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