Coda File System

Read-only replication

From: Gulcu Ceki <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 11:44:08 +0200

I have been toying around with Coda and am quite impressed with it. I
have two servers up and running and a single client that can mount
/coda (all running on Linux).

I would take the next logical step, namely the read-only replication
of the root volume. However, reading through Section 10.6 ("Read-only
Replication of a Volume") I got pretty confused.

The third paragragh of that section reads: "If you already have a
read-only replicated root volume but want to update it, you  should
mount the read-write version of the root volume elsewhere  and make
changes to this volume."

What is meant by the term update here?  Is it the addition/removal of
a file? a directory? a volume?  I would have assumed that for a
read-only replicated volume, it is the replicating server's job to
mirror the original.

Clearly, it is unwieldy to have the administrator intervene manually
whenever "updates" are made to the root volume. That is illogical
since it would mean that Coda is more cumbersome than tools like
mirror and rdist.

I am surely missing something. Can you enlighten me?

Thanks, Ceki
Received on 1999-10-05 05:46:25