Coda File System

Re: Problem: Permission denied, downcalls, no clog possible

From: Clemens Oertel <>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999 02:24:44 +0200
Hi Jan,

> The key 2 file is unrelated to the failed assertion. The key2 file is

The sources helped me to solve that problem ...

> Hmm, does the gethostbyname for trinity fail? If that's the case the VSG
> is not created, which would be a good reason for an assertion to fail
> somewhere in the code. We usually have all servernames/ip-addresses in
> the /etc/hosts file, as the CMU nameservers are often quite 

So did I, but no good. Actually, the server ran just fine for about a
week, and no changes have been made to the system since then. But
gethostbynome works, anyways - either by dns or by hosts.

> When an assertion fails a server actually goes into an endless sleep,
> and it is possible to use a debugger (gdb) to grab a stacktrace and find
> out why it died. 

Unfortunately, I'm not that good at debugging c/c++ coda, so I have to
admit that the gdb wasn't much help. It complained about a not
accessible address 0x4 or told me something about 0x0 in ??
I also tried a couple makevldb's and makevrdb's, but, as you might have
guessed, no luck.
The funny thing is: The server starts, I can access the temporary root
volume, mount the former root volume, I even get one or two 'ls', but
when I try to access a file or just wait a couple of minutes, the server
crashes with the VSG not found message.
I do not want to flood this mailling list with megs of logfiles, so if
you could tell me where to look, I'd be glad to send you the important
parts of the logs.


btw: sorry for the direct reply last time - wasn't watching the mail
headers <;-)
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