Coda File System

Problem: Permission denied, downcalls, no clog possible

From: Clemens Oertel <>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 20:42:16 +0200
Hi alltogether,

we are having some severe problems with our coda file-server here. every
one of the server parts (updateclt, updatesrv, auth, codaserv,
rpc2portmap) comes up smoothly (well, just about, see log files); every
attempt to access /coda results in a 'permission denied' though.

Here the details:
while starting, codaserv returns a whole bunch of 'coda_downcall: opcode
28, no sb' and 'coda_downcall: opcode 30, no sb' in the kernel messages
- whatever that means, i couldn't find anything about it in the docs.
after all the downcalls, it reports the rootfid and rootinode (both look
The SrvErr-file remains empty.
Some interesting parts of the SrvLog-file:
SFS:There are some volumes without any inodes in them
SFS: No inode summary for volume 0x1something
a lot '... did a rvmlib_set_thread_data'
but finally, it says: File Server started

The update server and client only report that they have been started, as
does auth.

As i said, when trying to access /coda, the system returns 'permission
denied'. in venus.log appears a line 'volent::IsUnderRepair' as well as
'Access: Returns perissiondenied'. Now, this 'IsUnderRepair'-state began
right after booting and lasts forever, so what can i do about that?

Trying to clog brings up no -message in the auth-logile. clog itself
returns a GetLocalTokensError (13), and venus.log shows the
'IsUnderRepair', 'permission denied' once again. codacon shows nothing.

I think it's an educated guess that the 'IsUnderRepair' causes the
impossibility of accessing /coda or clog'ing, but i haven't got a clue
what to do about it, as i can't even become admin.

so please, please please - give me some help.

Received on 1999-09-30 14:46:30