Coda File System

Venus cache size

From: Gulcu Ceki <>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 1999 12:10:20 +0200

Some time ago was inquiring about possible
cache overflow when working with large files.

A possible conslusion from the ensuing discussion was that venus
required a larger cache than the largest file under /coda. In other
words, working on a 1GB file would mandate at least 1GB of cache.

Jan gave good reasons for this limitation.

I made the following small experiment just to make sure. On the
strongly connected client running coda 5.3.1, I set the venus cache to

Then, I issued the command:

> dd if=/dev/zero of=/coda/zero bs=1024 count=20000

This created a 20MB file in /coda/zero. As far as I can remember,
there were a few complaints from coda which I nonchalantly ignored. In
any case, the 20MB file was there, the client did not crash and /coda
remained accessible.

So what gives? When strogly connected, does the cache need to be as
large as the working file or not? Regards, Ceki
Received on 1999-10-05 06:11:36