Coda File System

Re: Installing Coda in Linux (Debian)

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 13:08:21 -0400
On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 01:03:54PM +0000, Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
> My two questions are what is the cache size? and how do I know/set
> "adminuser" passowrd?

Cachesize is how much diskspace the client should use on the local disk.
In the order of 20000 - 100000 diskblocks (20MB - 100MB) is probably a
good choice. Oh, and this is only an `indication', Coda only detects the
filesize when a file is closed, so newly created files will overflow
the cache. Also as a safety net, when a client is logging operations
(working disconnected or write-disconnected), it dumps modified files in
a tar compatible archive on disk. The admin password is probably still
`changeme', you can change it with 'au -h <server> cp', or cpasswd.

Maybe it is easiest to verify the client setup by connecting to the

    # venus-setup 40000
    # venus

And when it says /coda is mounted, in another window

    $ ls /coda

To connect to you own server, kill the running venus, unmount /coda,
reconfigure venus for you own server, and start:

    # vutil shutdown  (or kill -TERM `pidof venus`)
    # umount /coda
    # venus-setup <server name> 40000
    # venus

If you fail to connect to your own server, check that all the necessary
servers are running,

    # ps auxwww | grep rpc2portmap	# these 3 are necessary to
    # ps auxwww | grep updateclnt	# create new volumes
    # ps auxwww | grep updatesrv	
    # ps auxwww | grep auth2		# authentication (logging in)
    # ps auxwww | grep codasrv		# the actual file server

Check the server logs:

Then check if it has a rootvolume
    cat /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME		# should have a single volume name
    cat /vice/vol/VRList		# should have this volume name too
    cat /vice/vol/VolumeList		# here is it volumename.0

> After setting CODA I will do some performance tests against NFS.

My own experience is, slightly slower in connected mode, a lot faster
(and more unstable) when write-disconnected. A lot of the w/d
instabilities did get fixed in 5.3.1.

> Please help a student in a hurry. :)
> Thanks,         Paulo Henrique

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