Coda File System

Installing Coda in Linux (Debian)

From: Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 13:03:54 +0000
        Hi all,
        I have to do in one week a monograph about CODA for school and I'm a
bit late! :)
        I got Debian GNU/Linux experimental packages of Coda-server and
Coda-client and installed in 2 machines (a server and a client).
        These packages do a lot for me to setup. I was checking CODA HOWTO and
all is did by the debian packages except connect the client to the server. :)
        And I still cant figure how to connect my client:


3.5 Connecting your client to a new Coda server

   Now you are ready to point a Venus (client) at this server. You do this by

         venus-setup server-name cache-size-in-kb
   NOTE: Windows 95 users should type the IP address and not the hostname of
the server.

   Start Venus as explained above. From the coda client side, the root volume
will appear under /coda. To use it you
   must now authenticate to Coda, since it is write protected.

   The vice-setup program installed an administrative Coda user on the server.
It has a uid you chose and has been
   assigned password changeme. You may clog into Coda with this uid:

         clog "adminuser"
   Validate that you have tokens with the ctokens utility.

   You can now create files in coda, because the administrative user is on the
access control list (ACL) of the /coda
   directory. Read the next section to find out how to do more with Coda.


        My two questions are what is the cache size? and how do I know/set
"adminuser" passowrd?

        After setting CODA I will do some performance tests against NFS.

        Please help a student in a hurry. :)

        Thanks,         Paulo Henrique
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