Coda File System

Re: Q: Tokens; CMU's fsck; clog crash; Backup Package; Hoard walk and X

From: Magnus Ahltorp <>
Date: 12 Mar 1999 22:56:16 +0100
> * More tokens
> Is it possible to have different coda tokens in separate
> shells/windows?  It looks like it's the process uid that determines
> what coda token you ``have''.  Is there a way around this or do I have
> to su to another user and clog admin to avoid loosing my ordinary
> token?

You want to use PAGs. Coda uses PAGs, but I cannot find any utility
that sets a new PAG. There is a comment in clog.c that tells us that
an option named "-e" should to this in the future and fork off a new

In Arla, we use the kth-krb kauth command, that does exactly this, but
I don't think the syscalls are the same.

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