Coda File System

Q: Tokens; CMU's fsck; clog crash; Backup Package; Hoard walk and X

From: Linus Nordberg <>
Date: 12 Mar 1999 12:19:02 +0100

I'm currently working at two different locations with a too poor
connection between to be able to have all my data at one of the places
to work effectively from both offices. I've just set up a machine
running venus and another running vice on FreeBSD 2.8 and 3.0
respectively to find out if Coda could help me here.

My intention is to have the SCM on a laptop and venus on all of the
workstations I use at all the places I have to go working.  I will
also have a vice on at least one workstation at each office which will
hold a read-only replica of all volumes in order to do backups easily.

I guess I could also benefit from this setup if I can teach my venus
to fetch files from the vice on the same machine, but haven't come
that far yet.  I hesitate to make the replicated volumes read-write
since I am a bit afraid of the complexity.  Any comments?

Anyway, I have a couple of initial questions:

* More tokens
Is it possible to have different coda tokens in separate
shells/windows?  It looks like it's the process uid that determines
what coda token you ``have''.  Is there a way around this or do I have
to su to another user and clog admin to avoid loosing my ordinary

* CMU's fsck
The manual mentions in 5.4 a modified version of fsck needed for
checking coda data partitions.  Where is that?  It's not in the
coda-5.0.2 source package.

* System crashes when doing clog
Has anyone else suffered from client machine crashing when doing clog?
It's happened to me twice, so far.  My setup is venus on a FreeBSD 2.8
and vice on a FreeBSD 3.0.  I have now enabled DDB in the kernel in
hope of catching this the next time.

* Backup package
The Manual (Coda File System User and System Administrators Manual),
section 12.2 talks about a ``backup package'' to be installed on
Backup Coordinators.  Where can that be found?  

* Hoard walk and X11
I read somewhere in ``The Manual'' that you shouldn't be running X11
when doing a hoard walk?  Is it true and if so, why is that?

Received on 1999-03-12 06:37:52