Coda File System

Re: Building (an trying) Coda 5 on FreeBSD-3.0

From: Sylvain ROUGIER <>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 15:19:02 +0100
"Robert V. Baron" wrote:
> Thank you for your observation.  Yes, only the netbsd and freebsd
> systems currently attempt to verify the kernel module and client
> programs are in sync.
> Anders Hammarquist <> writes:
> > > > I done that before. But I get kernel with coda 4 :-)
> > > Again, this should work.  If the running coda client does not like the kernel
> > > module it is running with, it will complain.
> >
> > Actually (at least on Linux) it doesn't. Running userlevel coda 5 with a coda 4 kernel modules fails in strange and mysterious ways. venus would crash for no apparent reason (presumably some structure has changed).
> >
thanks for trying to help me. Especialy to Robert V. Baron.
In a way, I am happy to see that someone else got the same probleme: I am not so stupid :-).

Anyway, we have to migrate to linux ( debian). I am not saying that linux is better than FreeBSD.
But now the guy here only know linux. So I prefere build solution with OS he have good knowledge.
Expect to see my linux/coda 5 problems soon. :-)

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