Coda File System

Q compiling on slackware

From: Thomas Portmann <>
Date: 19 Aug 1998 09:12:46 +0200

i have a problem compiling coda 4.6.1 on my linux machine:
kernel 2.0.35, slackware 3.2 with libc.5

i got past the register_t problem, but now i have another problem. the
compiler reports the following:

----> Entering venus
make[2]: Entering directory `/mount/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/coda-src/venus'
c++ -g  -MD -DLINUX  -I/soft/include -I/soft/include/readline -L/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1  -I. -I/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/coda-src/venus -I/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/include -DPRIVATE=static -DVENUS -DTIMING -DDISABLE_VMON -DVENUSDEBUG -DRVM_USELWP    -c -o worker.o
In file included from
/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/include/cfs/coda.h:183: field `va_atime' has incomplete type
/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/include/cfs/coda.h:184: field `va_mtime' has incomplete type
/soft/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/include/cfs/coda.h:185: field `va_ctime' has incomplete type
make[2]: *** [worker.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/mount/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/coda-src/venus'
----> Error in venus
make[1]: *** [Coda] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/mount/packages-2/src/coda/coda-4.6.1/coda-src'
----> Error in coda-src
make: *** [Coda] Error 1

everything went fine up to this (after several tries because of
libreadline). now can anyone tell me how i can correct this? any help
is appreciated.


PS: why is there an "ar rv" executed upon libreadline.a? this makes it
pretty much impossible to compile and install as 2 different users
(without copying libreadline somewhere else).

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