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Re: Q compiling on slackware

From: <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:27:40 -0400
> hello,
> i have a problem compiling coda 4.6.1 on my linux machine:
> kernel 2.0.35, slackware 3.2 with libc.5

Hi Thomas,

We moved on to glibc, and the errors you describe are a result of
certain type definitions missing from the libc5 include files. (In the
case of va_atime/va_mtime/va_ctime, struct timespec). You could try
to `steal' the definition from the linux kernel-includes by adding
#include <linux/time.h> to, but that's a change we will not put
in our code, because we want to minimize any dependency on kernel level

You'll probably run into some more of these, and in the end it could even
be easier to upgrade your system to a glibc based environment.
> PS: why is there an "ar rv" executed upon libreadline.a? this makes it
> pretty much impossible to compile and install as 2 different users
> (without copying libreadline somewhere else).

I wouldn't know where that would occur, is looks like some default rule for 
building the libreadline.a library is triggered. Do you have any details on 

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	Jan Harkes <>
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