Coda File System

Re: ls: /coda/: No such device or address

From: LEE, Yui-wah <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 10:30:20 +0800 (CST)
Troy Benjegerdes <> wrote:
> Venus is working.. I can create files and directories, and they show up
> fine on my intel client, but ls does not work on the PPC machine. (Note
> the kernel messages in my first message.. )  

OK, I see what you mean.  Your Venus on PPC works for a number of
commands (what are they ?) but not the command "ls /coda", right ?

In this case, this may need a bit of debugging.  You may be interested
in writing a tiny program using the syscalls "getdents" (which is what
"ls" uses) so as to narrow down the problem a bit.

About the kernel message you posted:

> Aug 18 01:10:29 altus kernel: Coda Kernel/Venus communications (module),
> v4.6.0,
> Aug 18 01:10:29 altus kernel: coda_psdev_write: downcall, no SB!
> Aug 18 01:10:35 altus kernel: coda_read_super: rootfid is
> (0x1000001,0x1,0x1)
> Aug 18 01:10:36 altus kernel: coda_read_super: rootinode is 1049601 dev 3
> Aug 18 01:10:37 altus kernel: coda_inode_grab: coda_find_super returns
> Aug 18 01:10:39 altus kernel: coda_open: coda_inode_grab error
> -6.coda_inode_grab: coda_find_super returns NULL. 

I think the message about "downcall, no SB!" can be safely ignored
(it used to be the case that Venus tried to write to /dev/cfs0 once
too early upon venus startup, but that bug is not critical).  I don't
exactly understand the rest, I guess Peter knows better.

Good luck !

-- Clement

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