Coda File System

Re: jumpstart, mac clients?

From: anthonyj <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 98 00:19:04 -0000
Just to let you know,

I am working on compiling coda now on MkLinux. It has taken a while to 
get the correct kernel source for this distribution, and familiarize 
myself with the system, getting the tools, etc.

As you said compiling lwp is where my work has begun. I am assuming that 
your reference to social engineering has something to do with coda not so 
long ago emerging from its microkernel background, and perhaps code for 
this is just 'old'. I have to say that <whine>I have not done any 
assembler for many years and when I did it was on an 8088.</whine> But I 
think I can figure this out. Is the 'old lwp' available somewhere?

How is the work coming on the NFS port? Can you put me in touch with the 
other folks working on it?

Hope all is well,


p.s. I have 'ported' most of the documentation to .pdf format (which I 
prefer because I never know if I am going to be using a mac or Linux or 
winduhs machine) and I would be happy to pass them back to you this way 
if you think there is an interest.
>I think that doing the mklinux thing first is a very good idea.  Use
>4.6.1.  Your first  puzzle will be to port the lwp package where a few
>lines of assembly are needed (this is a test of social engineering
>Some graduate students in Argentina are also working on the NFS
>- Peter -
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