Coda File System

jumpstart, mac clients?

From: Bruce Campbell <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 22:42:57 +1000 (EST)
(either the coda archives are in the same state as my own archives, or
 this list is really dead ;) ) 

I've currently got a cluster of coda servers in the planning stages at the
moment (linux, linux-sparc, freebsd, and when I get round to installing
it, netbsd... have I missed one? ;) ), however other pressing issues (such
as running an ISP ) have tended to interfere, one day ;) 

Anyway, I'll soon be having a whole gaggle of quite respectible little
macintoshes arriving, each with nice pristine 4gig drives (mmm, 100M/sec
network as well).

Not knowing *that* much about macs in general, I'm interested in knowing:

	If there are any plans to port coda servers or clients to MacOS.

	If not, would Coda be able to use, effectively, a partition which
	is created by another drive networking scheme (*not* Appletalk
	mind) ?

	Has anyone run Coda on either netbsd-mac or linux-ppc? 


Systems Administrator and computer junk collector,
    Hub Communications.

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