Coda File System

Re: How to run coda with a server/cell behind a dynamic DNS (DDNS) name and a client in the internet?

From: Karl-Philipp Richter <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 13:44:48 +0200
Am 14.07.2016 um 17:01 schrieb Karl-Philipp Richter:
>> > These deficiencies led Aetey to develop another (currently fully
>> > interoperable but inherently different) method of resolving server
>> > addresses, doing this on the clients.
>> > 
>> > So the answer to your question is - yes this is possible and should
>> > just work. Your client will go disconnected when the server changes
>> > the address and shortly thereafter it will reestablish the connection.
>> > This assumes a client running Aetey code.
> Where can I find the Aetey client code? A superficial [google
> search](
> yields no results.
So, I found and ran the
`.bin` installer. I'm able to see `/coda/` now after
`sudo codaclient start` and `clog [user]` (which gives a
token according to `ctokens`). However listing files in the
`/coda/` fails with `Input/output error`. I attached
Aetey `venus.log` in which I don't see any suspicious entries.

I verified that I'm using the Aetey binaries and deactivated the
`coda-client` `systemd` unit in order to avoid any confusing. I'm
loading the `coda` kernel module with `modprobe` after login to the
display manager before all other actions.


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