Coda File System

Re: How to run coda with a server/cell behind a dynamic DNS (DDNS) name and a client in the internet?

From: Karl-Philipp Richter <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 17:01:43 +0200
Am 13.07.2016 um 23:06 schrieb
> The server finds out its ip number by looking up the result of
> gethostname() (for no good reason, but this is another story) while
> the client resolves the realm name via DNS (or a "realms" file") to a
> "rootserver" ip.
> Do the results of these lookups correspond to each other in your setup?
The server has the hostname `` returned by `gethostname`
which I tested in a minimal C program. Afaik this is not a valid
hostname (because of the dot), but I hope that I can keep it because
that's the domain I rented and the only way I can talk to my server via

> These deficiencies led Aetey to develop another (currently fully
> interoperable but inherently different) method of resolving server
> addresses, doing this on the clients.
> So the answer to your question is - yes this is possible and should
> just work. Your client will go disconnected when the server changes
> the address and shortly thereafter it will reestablish the connection.
> This assumes a client running Aetey code.
Where can I find the Aetey client code? A superficial [google
yields no results.

I could now test the client I used to connect via internet in the LAN of
the cell (same subnet) and it connected without trouble just like the
client running on the server machine. If I shutdown and boot the machine
without network connection (pull the cable) I have the same behaviour of
`ls /coda/[cell]` like when I connect via internet with a running
internet connection. Does that mean that the disconnected mode doesn't
work in my case (an explicit `cfs disconnect` doesn't help)?

I realized that `coda-client` wasn't fully configured by `dpkg` for
unknown reasons before experiencing the above, but completing the
configuration didn't fix any issues. The incomplete configuration might
have caused an corrupted directories, though. I cannot evalute that.

Thanks for you extended and comprehensive support.

Received on 2016-07-14 11:02:04