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Re: Cannot run coda-client-setup - problem with alias for coda kernel module?

From: <>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 07:28:03 +0000
Hello Andrew,

On Sun, Mar 02, 2014 at 01:01:48AM +0000, Andrew Wasielewski wrote:
> I am doing a fresh install of Coda client on Fedora 20.  When I run coda-client-setup (Fedora name for venus-setup) I get the following error:
> [root_at_ivanka-laptop ~]# coda-client-setup server.wasielewski 20000
> /usr/sbin/coda-client-setup: line 176: [: char-major-67-*: binary operator expected
> That part of the script adds aliases for the coda kernel module to /etc/conf.modules.  The problem seems to be the "*" in the modinfo output on FC20:
> [root_at_ivanka-laptop etc]# /sbin/modinfo -F alias coda
> char-major-67-*
> fs-coda

The problem arises because modinfo outputs multiple values there.
This is a bug in the upstream venus-setup script: missing quotation
marks in
 [ -z $(/sbin/modinfo -F alias coda) ]
which should be
 [ -z "$(/sbin/modinfo -F alias coda)" ]
(the problem is hidden as long as there is no more than a single alias)

> Should I raise a bug report about this?  I guess I could manually create the conf.modules from modinfo output and comment out this section of the script.

I have now created a ticket for upstream Coda. Nevertheless, it is
certainly good if you report it to Fedora, the Fedora maintainers may
wish to apply this change to their package.

Otherwise I wonder whether the Aetey's universal installer would work
for you (it does not try to configure kernel module loading, beyond an
attempt to modload coda at the Coda client startup)
 md5: b2897b0be53b1b209f85fdf0a5452504
 md5: 971080aeece1829b4730021337761342
It does not obey any startup mechanics automatically, you have
to let the distro's tools run "codaclient start" at boot time
("codaclient stop" for a clean shutdown, not critical) or do this
manually as root.

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