Coda File System

Cannot run coda-client-setup - problem with alias for coda kernel module?

From: Andrew Wasielewski <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2014 01:01:48 +0000
Hello everyone,

I am doing a fresh install of Coda client on Fedora 20.  When I run coda-client-setup (Fedora name for venus-setup) I get the following error:

[root_at_ivanka-laptop ~]# coda-client-setup server.wasielewski 20000
/usr/sbin/coda-client-setup: line 176: [: char-major-67-*: binary operator expected

That part of the script adds aliases for the coda kernel module to /etc/conf.modules.  The problem seems to be the "*" in the modinfo output on FC20:

[root_at_ivanka-laptop etc]# /sbin/modinfo -F alias coda

On a previous PC19 install the corresponding output was "char-major-67" (i.e. no "*").  coda-client is 6.9.5-11.fc20.i686.  I have kernel-modules-extra.3.13.3-201.fc20.i686 installed, coda module is loaded and /dev/cfs0 - cfs4 all exist.

Should I raise a bug report about this?  I guess I could manually create the conf.modules from modinfo output and comment out this section of the script.

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