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Re: Trouble installing 6.9.5 on Debian Lenny

From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 10:59:21 +0200
Hi Jon,

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 11:27:04PM -0700, Jon Foster wrote:
> I just installed the coda-server v6.9.5 debian packages for Lenny, with
> all of its requirements, by adding your repository to my system. It
> failed to finish the configuration phase for coda-update & coda-server,
> blowing up with the configuration of coda-update.

I would suggest using Aeteys installer, which gives you 
a clean installation without interfering with Debian.

As we have put effort into making the installer usable and robust,
I guess it may fit your needs better than the debian packages.
Then, your installation will not be tied to a certain distribution either.

I did easily move one realm's server (the data and the binaries) from
a Linux installation to another host with FreeBSD. This would not be
feasible, had the server been configured say in a "Debian"- or in a
"RedHat"- way...

Another feature which you get with our installer is support
for Kerberos authentication.

I am not opposed to the Debian packaging system, it is great.
On the other side I am convinced that it is not the best way
for either Coda client or server installation.

> While I'm writing an email: Has CODA been abandoned? So little has been
> done to it. Does it just work that well that there is nothing left to
> do? In short, what is its status?

You may find Satyas statement in the archives:

A year has passed but I think it still holds.

It looks like the main developers lack resources for the development (and
motivation as long as Coda works "sufficiently well" for them).

The project has a high "entry threshold" because of the complexity of
the concepts behind distributed file systems. This both created numerous
confusions and hindered contributions from the casual user community.

The technology did not yet achieve the deployment scale necessary to
motivate more "powerful" parties to invest into the development.

Thus, we are still under the Moment 22... Coda is very useful and is
being used. It is not abandoned at all - but its usability is still low
for a casual party and the development is starving.

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