Coda File System

RE: Coda server crash on file conflict

From: Neil Aggarwal <>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 10:18:39 -0500

> I sent you a personal reply asking for the 
> /vice/srv/SrvErr log which will contain 
> the precice backtrace that shows where the 
> segfault occurred but I never got a response.

I did not get it.  I run an aggressive spam filter
that must have blocked it.  I added your email
address to my whitelist so that should not happen

I will set up my dev enviroment again and get that
to you.

> A signal 11 is typically a null-ptr dereference, 
> it is definitely not normal to see this during 
> resolution.

I did not think it was normal.  That is why I
was surprised there was no response to my inquiry.

> I decided to use something else.
> Please do let us know what you decided on and 
> how it works out.

I was going to use Unison, but that is not real-time.

I am really hoping to use Coda, maybe we can get
the kinks wored out.


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