Coda File System

Re: Transfer Speeds

From: Jaap Winius <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 17:31:36 +0200
Quoting Zetas <>:

> I've been doing some performance tests and i'd like to see what you   
> guys think of what im getting, if it could be faster by setting the
> rvm log and/or data files differently or what. Right now, over the
> open Internet i'm getting about 1Mbps transfer between one node and
> the SCM, this is transferring a 150MB file.

Since I have yet to set up my first Coda server (I'm currently stuck  
doing something more mundane) I can't even begin to answer that  
question, but Coda is never far from my mind. 1 Mbps sounds like my  
ADSL upload bandwidth, which is still an unfortunate reality for many  
individuals and small businesses. There's not much to do about this,  
but AFAIK the best way to deal with it is like rsync. Does Coda work  
like rsync for its replication, or does it copy entire files? I know  
OpenAFS doesn't have rsync-like replication, but it's scheduled to get  
it some time next year.


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