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Re: coser: Creating non-SCM coda server

From: <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 11:58:58 +0200
Hi Don,

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 01:56:28AM -0700, root wrote:
> >[root_at_sandbox2]# /tmp/coser-1.5-20090214-linux-ia32-3.bin /vice 1024
> > `hostname -f` /tmp/ 

Looks good (besides using `hostname -f` which may or may not correspond
to the fqdn of the ip the server will listen on).

> >Fetching needed files from SCM 
> >
> >Date: Mon 04/12/2010 
> >
> >08:24:09 Fetch failed with Permission denied

Actually I am unsure what may have happened. Some details of your installation
differ quite certainly from what I tested with. I would look into /etc/hosts
and see what it says about the string you produced with `hostname -f`
and similar things.

> Next, coser instructs me to do the following two things, but I'm not 100% 
> certain of how to go about it: 

> >An entry for this host is needed in <server-directory>/db/servers
> >on the SCM.
> What is the format of this file?  The current vice/db/servers file has the 
> SCM in it followed be a large number of spaces and the number '1' (all on a 
> single line). 
> Do I just add the new non-SCM server and stick a 2 after an equal number of 
> spaces? 

This would do.
Look for documentation. The format _is_ described somewhere,
not i "coser" which does not include manuals.

> >Then all servers belonging to the same realm need to be restarted,
> >as they need to know about the new server.
> Which services?  I hope not the codaservice itself -- maybe just the update 

All services. It is easy and mostly non-disruptive as soon as the data
is replicated.

> It also instructs me to update DNS.  I assume that is only after the 
> install is completed, however. 

It will not hurt much even if done in advance but yes it is natural
to do this when the realm is already running with the new server.

Good luck. I am not going to read the list for some time.

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