Coda File System

coser: Creating non-SCM coda server

From: root <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 01:56:28 -0700
Greetings all: 

I got the following error when attempting to setup a non-SCM coda server 
with coser: 

> [root_at_sandbox1]# rsync -vaessh /vice/db/ sandbox2:/tmp/
> sending incremental file list
> sent 85 bytes  received 31 bytes  232.00 bytes/sec
> total size is 8  speedup is 0.07
> [root_at_sandbox1]# ssh sandbox2
> Last login: Mon Apr 12 03:19:35 2010 from
> [root_at_sandbox2]# /tmp/coser-1.5-20090214-linux-ia32-3.bin /vice 1024
>  `hostname -f` /tmp/ 
> Coda Server Setup by Aetey Global Technologies AB, 
>  v.1.5-20090214-linux-ia32-3
> Based on a modified version of the upstream Coda vice-setup* scripts.
> For licensing terms see the corresponding source code. 
> Going to set up a new Coda server at '/vice' [y/N]: y
> Setting up config files for a coda server.
> Directories under /vice are set up.
> Fetching needed files from SCM 
> Date: Mon 04/12/2010 
> 08:24:09 Fetch failed with Permission denied

It appears that the rest of the install completed as normal, but I don't 
know what might be broken for testing. 

Or perhaps I just did something in the wrong order...? 

Next, coser instructs me to do the following two things, but I'm not 100% 
certain of how to go about it: 

> An entry for this host is needed in <server-directory>/db/servers
> on the SCM.

What is the format of this file?  The current vice/db/servers file has the 
SCM in it followed be a large number of spaces and the number '1' (all on a 
single line). 

Do I just add the new non-SCM server and stick a 2 after an equal number of 

> Then all servers belonging to the same realm need to be restarted,
> as they need to know about the new server.

Which services?  I hope not the codaservice itself -- maybe just the update 
services as was referenced in the disaster recovery thread? 

It also instructs me to update DNS.  I assume that is only after the install 
is completed, however. 

Received on 2010-04-12 04:56:59