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Re: CODA gotchas (was Re: CODA and crash recovery)

From: <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 13:21:33 +0200
Hi Andrew,

On Sat, Jul 05, 2008 at 11:46:29PM -0400, Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) wrote:
> I haven't found CODA too bad, but there are some gotchas that keep biting me 
> and this seems as good a thread as any to hijack.  :-)


> > find your files on Coda. (As a lot of software relies on $HOME, either
> > reset HOME or put symlinks in the $HOME directory - and you easily
> > access your files which are elsewhere on Coda)
> You have to be very careful here.  I have found some KDE applications to be 
> particularly nasty about this.  Kopete for sure, and I think KMail as well.  
> You can give it a symlink but every now and again they get it in their head 
> that a symlink is no good, move/delete the symlink and recreate the entire 
> directory path for their configuration/logs/etc.

Ahh yes you are right of course... Such software is biting me sometimes also,
but rarely enough and I keep forgetting.

I don't think there is a general solution, a custom script to run on logout
possibly might help to work around some cases (maintain a list
of things that should be on Coda and at logout copy them there and replace
with a symlink). Not really robust, so I'd rather not.

> I dug around in the code a bit, and it appears that it's a kdelibs thing for 
> checking/creating the config and data directories.  I haven't looked at it 
> much in the past months, though.

Software which respects $HOME is mostly ok, but some inadequately
"paranoid" programs like ssh ignore $HOME and go look into /etc/passwd
to know "for sure" where I keep their config... ssh refuses also
to work with config on Coda (which _is_ properly protected, while
a traditional ~ on NFS3 makes ssh perfectly happy - ha-ha! :)
We are forced to patch this stupidity out of ssh in Dapty, to make it usable
with homedirs on Coda.

> I think my biggest sticking point (aside from KDE mentioned above) is that 
> when I am disconnected, I really do what what Windows 2000 gave me... a 
> real "make available offline" mode.  I know the mechanics of it... before I 

Hmm, isn't hoarding supposed to provide that?

> disconnect, cache everything.  However it's the sizing of the log that seems 
> that I don't have a grasp on.  Logic dictates that I would want a log as big 
> as the entire filesystem in order to access anything in the fs when 
> disconnected, no?

I guess there is some confusion of terms, the log is necessary to record
the possible change operations.
The data is in container files, not in the log itself.

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