Coda File System

Re: help about configure volume coda

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 13:12:05 -0400
On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 08:09:43PM -0500, Luis Cuenca wrote:
> Hello I am new to coda, and I need help in order to configure a server scm,
> a non scm and a client. 
> I have followed the steps specified in existing manuals. 
> Allegedly setting was performed successfully and services are initiated
> But I have a problem when creating volumes. 
> $createvlo_rep volcoda coda.prueba.server /vicepa
> The error that I have is as follows: 
> Failed to dump into the current VRDB / Vice / db / 

Not sure which parts you just mistyped in the email and which are wrong
in reality, but it should be more like,

    createvol_rep volcoda coda.prueba.server/vicepa

And if your server only has a single data partition, which I think is
pretty much the only setup described by all available documentation, the
:/vicepa part can be dropped and so it would look like,

    createvol_rep volcoda coda.prueba.server

What this does is try to create a new volume named 'volcoda' which
consists of a single replica on the server named 'coda.prueba.server'.
First it checks if the server is running and if the volume already
happens to exist, so it is going to make a call to the server and ask
for the list of known volumes.

What you described,

    createvol_rep volcoda coda.prueba.server /vicepa

Is trying to create a volume named 'volcoda' on _two_ servers, one
server 'coda.prueba.server', and the other server named '/vicepa'. And
that second server most likely doesn't exist which is why it would fail
to get the current list of volumes.

> PD: when vice-setup setup manuals are part after specify id server
> requesting a name volume but I do not care to leave is that? Will be the
> version of the coda?

I'm not sure what you mean, is this when setting up the SCM or the
non-SCM server? They both use vice-setup, but do different things.
After the SCM asks for the server id it asks for the Coda admin user
id and name.

In general the setup scripts are only used once (to setup the server)
and are pretty fragile. If an answer isn't given it may ask again, or
just end up messing up the rest of the setup. Pretty much all of the
configuration is limited to things under /vice (and some in /vicepa) so
cleaning up after a failed setup attempt involves removing everything
under those directories.

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