Coda File System

help about configure volume coda

From: Luis Cuenca <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 20:09:43 -0500
Hi, group CODA

Hello I am new to coda, and I need help in order to configure a server scm,
a non scm and a client. 
I have followed the steps specified in existing manuals. 

Allegedly setting was performed successfully and services are initiated


But I have a problem when creating volumes. 

$createvlo_rep volcoda coda.prueba.server /vicepa
The error that I have is as follows: 
Failed to dump into the current VRDB / Vice / db / 

PD: when vice-setup setup manuals are part after specify id server
requesting a name volume but I do not care to leave is that? Will be the
version of the coda?

I am used the version 6.9.2 of CODA

My linux distribution is centos 4.5 

Help please 

Help please

Received on 2008-04-04 21:53:38