Coda File System

Re: coda looses group ownership

From: Enrico Weigelt <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:58:07 +0100
* <> wrote:


> 1. one of them is just a very small subset of the other
> 2. Coda and local uids/gids belong to different worlds and can 
> not be mapped to each other, not without putting very certain 
> and harmful constraints,

well, I don't see a problem with those costraints, as long as
they can be enabled optionaly.

> basically removing globality.

what exactly does "globality" mean ?

> > take care of that), we can easily map ACLs to unix permissions 
> > and vice versa. Venus can maintain an table of mappings between 
> > local and coda groups. 
> In the general case you can not. You are thinking of special cases
> which happen to be of interest for you, and then some workarounds 
> are possible. Not otherwise.

Of course, this only works properly if the ACLs are defined in the 
way I described. There could be an extra tool which checks for it
and an extra option in venus which enabled this mode.

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