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Re: coda looses group ownership

From: Enrico Weigelt <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 18:46:58 +0100
* <> wrote:


> unfortunately your formulation of the problem makes it look unsolvable.
> The hardest part is "existing nfs-driven".

perhaps I should explain the current situation a little bit:

* there're a few machines, mounting the homedirs via NFS.
* there're a few users which can login from each machine
  and always have the same homedir 
* some users have additionally special local bind mounts, so they 
  can have host-specific configs (could be circumvented)

Now I've got two new roadrunners, which should be integrated.
I've set up coda and moved some specific dirs (ie. mozilla profile)
to coda. My plan is to move things which should be synchronized
(not the whole homedirs) to coda step by step.

There won't be ever an need for things like ACLs. UIDs/GIDs on are 
equal on all machines. So I easily can live with the whole unix
permission infos being just additional attributes attached to 
files and interpreted by at the clien side.

> Well, look at rsync / unison, try nfs4. Redesign your system.

hmm, I tried some hacks w/ rsync, but for things like homedirs
it's too tricky.

des NFS4 support caching and offline operation ?

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